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Practice Your Karate in Sydney from Bondi and the Eastern Suburbs to Paddington, and Roseville

People choose to practice Karate for many compelling reasons. Some of them are naturally drawn to high activity exercise, while others are more interested in learning an ancient art form. Whether you’re interested in adrenaline or discipline …read more.

Quality Kickboxing Training in Bondi, Eastern Suburbs, Paddington, Roseville and Sydney

When it comes to physical, mental and spiritual enlightenment, there are few better ways to grow than by practicing a martial art. Martial arts can be exhausting, but they can also be exhilarating. In fact, many students feel as though their martial …read more.

Kids Karate Classes in Bondi and Sydney Now Available

Raising children is a challenging but rewarding experience. However, finding ways to keep them fit and active can be a challenge. In today’s world, television and video games provide plenty of stimulation without offering much in the way of physical …read more.

Try MMA in Sydney with Training in Bondi, Roseville, the Eastern Suburbs

Martial arts have always been exciting, but few forms have received more attention in recent years than MMA. Mixed Martial Arts is best understood as a cocktail of different martial arts disciplines, each of them adding a vital and unpredictable …read more.

Martial Art Classes for Beginners Throughout Sydney, Including Eastern Suburbs

Learning any sport is an excellent way to increase your confidence, improve your fitness and enjoy an active lifestyle. When it comes to developing focus and discipline though, few sports can claim to match the benefits conferred by practicing …read more.

Kids Karate and Taekwondo Classes Eastern Suburbs

Confidence. Respect. Independence. Strength. These are core values of the martial arts. Whether you are looking for kids karate classes in the Eastern suburbs or just a way to stay fit, Trifu Dojo has the best range of classes for you and your family …read more.

Self-Defense Classes in Sydney, Eastern Suburbs

In martial arts, nothing compares to learning from a master. The founder of Trifu Dojo, Sensei Daniel Trifu, learned his skills under the esteemed Shihan Tokujun Ishi, the star pupil of Kyokushin Karate founder Sosai Matutatso Oyama. This legacy of …read more.

Learn Kyokushin Karate in the Eastern Suburbs

Learning a martial art may seem daunting, especially if you do not consider yourself athletic or have an aversion to physical contact. Trifu Dojo Martial Arts is here to help assuage your fears and get you excited about learning Kyokushin Karate in the …read more.

Kyokushin Karate in Sydney for the Whole Family

The family that plays together grows together, and Trifu Dojo Martial Arts wants to help your family members grow closer and share wonderful experiences. We offer Kyokushin Karate in Sydney for families of all sizes and skill levels …read more.

Brazilian Jiu Jitzu Classes in Sydney

Trifu Dojo Martial Arts offers classes Brazilian Jiu Jitzu to Sydney and the surrounding area. Our facilities are large, clean, and inviting. Our instructors have in-depth backgrounds in a variety of martial arts, and our dojo has strong …read more.

Excellent Women’s Self Defense Class in Sydney

The world can be a dangerous place, which is why everyone can benefit from learning how to defend themselves. Trifu Dojo Martial Arts teaches a women’s self defense class in Sydney for women of all sizes, shapes, skill levels, and ages. You do not …read more.

Kids Activities in Sydney – Why not Martial Arts?

There are many kids activities in Sydney for your children to do, but few are as exciting as a martial arts class from Trifu Dojo Martial Arts. Our classes are energetic and reflective. Your kids will not only have a chance to expend some energy …read more.

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