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Children’s Karate Training and Classes for Kids

Trifu Dojo offers karate training for children that not only strengthens them physically but also creates a mental fortitude that cannot be easily tainted by bullies or hardships in life. We want to give children inner confidence and a creative and constructive outlet for fear or anger they might be feeling before they act out violently or become bullies themselves.

Discovering Trifu Dojo

At Trifu Dojo, we are proud to have been featured on The Morning Show in 2017 for training the youngest Kyokushin Karate student in the world to reach black belt level at only ten years old. We endeavour to bring out the best in our students and to help them reach their goals. The mental focus required to move through the different levels of this practice is immense and we want to nurture your child’s mental fitness, not just their physical fitness.

Many children realise, often to their surprise, that just because you fight someone in competition doesn’t mean that you are enemies. You can compete and, once it’s over, it doesn’t matter who won and who lost–all that matters is that each child tried their absolute best, and they can continue being friends when the match is over.

Trifu Dojo is a community of like-minded people. We offer a multitude of benefits to families, including helping children and adults set goals and reach them and offering challenges that keep you training at your best. Karate itself is challenging, but we like to take it one step further in our children’s karate classes by giving kids the tools they will need to make it through not just their martial arts practice but also all the hardships that growing up can put in their path. We cultivate positive attitudes that enable them to believe that despite how challenging the world can be at times, taking the right steps early in your life can create the best outcome.

Why You Should Choose Karate Training for Your Children

Through martial arts, we focus on building confidence, a skill your child will learn with structured training and the attainment of goals. Sadly, many children face bullying on a daily basis at school and it can often result in awful physical altercations that can get the victimised child into trouble as well as the aggressor. Karate classes for kids can teach children to maintain an inner strength that can help to defend their minds against the onslaught of stimulation they face every day.

By giving your child the self-assurance that they are doing well, martial arts can help mean words to fall on deaf ears. Once your child has gained enough confidence and self-worth, no hurtful comment can keep them down for long. We also teach that violence is not the answer to conflict. If your child has the knowledge that they can take care of themselves, they reflect a sense of quiet confidence in the way they carry themselves— which can go a long way to deterring bullies.

To learn more about our children’s karate classes, contact us. Start your child on a healthy, positive path that can only increase the likelihood of success in their future.

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