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Children’s Kickboxing

Martial arts are a great way to get your children active, and it teaches them self-discipline, courage and sportsmanship. Kickboxing is a popular choice for kids and adults because it incorporates elements from many different martial arts and combines them with traditional boxing. We offer structured children’s kickboxing classes, laying a solid foundation for the sport.


The Value of Kickboxing for Kids

Kickboxing is a great activity to build physical strength and improve balance and co-ordination, even if participation in competitions is not the primary goal. Many children experience a lack of normal movement skills due to screen time and unsafe playgrounds. They also lack important social interactions, especially among small boys, where scuffs and tiffs are essential to growing up. Enrolling your child in our kickboxing classes teaches these important life lessons and skills in a controlled environment under strict supervision.

The general outcome of young adults, children, and even toddler kickboxing is improved balance, body strength, mental resilience, and a whole barrel of fun. Respect is extremely important in all martial arts, and kickboxing teaches both the value and the virtue of respect to our children, so they will grow up to be responsible adults.


Kickboxing for Beginners of All Ages

Kickboxing is good to take on at almost any age, yet to be most proficient, it is recommended to start as young as possible. Ages 5 to 6 years are ideal, as training progresses alongside improved physical growth and development.

Initial training focuses on overall fitness and becoming familiar with the basic techniques of kickboxing. The various kicks, punches and defences are strengthened as the student participates in friendly bouts.

Training shifts to skills mastery, on becoming faster, fitter and stronger. Endurance is a key factor, and we introduce tactics.

Most kickboxers develop their own style of fighting, and it is the task of the trainer to supervise and instruct students based on their individual weaknesses and strengths.

Kickboxing is an intense workout, and it allows kids to burn excess energy at a rapid pace. Parents can participate for the exercise benefit, while building a bond with their kids. Join Trifu Dojo for a great time and to learn essential life skills.

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