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Karate Training for Children

Children’s Martial Arts Training Classes for Kids

Martial arts training for kids is beneficial in so many ways—not only physically, but mentally, as these classes train them to deal with the world gracefully and respectfully as they grow up and take on more responsibility. At Trifu Dojo, we offer classes for children in groups of their peers and with their parents. We’ve seen firsthand how many life skills children can gain by learning a martial arts discipline from a young age.

Classes We Offer

Kids Karate is an open, general class where children can train with their peers regardless of their experience level.

Mini Ninjas is an introduction for kids from one-and-a-half years old to two-and-a-half years old to encourage exercise, participation, and learning to follow instructions. The class is designed for mum or dad to be there to help the kiddos learn the steps and movements.

Ninjas is a class to stimulate pre-school and early school year-aged children. These are very important developmental years and this class teaches everything you could want for your child. It teaches fitness and how to take instructions, provides an outlet for the energy that quickly turns into rough play, helps kids understand how to share the limelight with other kids, and encourages them to understand who they are as individuals while learning to work in a group. This class also builds confidence, self-control, and self-awareness.

Parents and Kids is one of our most successful martial arts classes for kids. Designed for families, this class allows you to train with your kids in a fun fitness environment. Under the guidance of our instructors, you can participate no matter your fitness level.

Women’s and Girl’s Self Defence is essential as our world changes. Everyone should know how to feel safe. This class helps you become aware of techniques and courses of action you can take from an early age to protect yourself in any eventuality.

Self-Discipline: martial arts help to teach restraint and patience. So many children grow up accustomed to getting everything they want, so some guidance in that area can be vital and instructive.
Being Active: getting kids away from the TV can often be a struggle, so teaching them that being active can also be fun is essential— and it gets them invested in exercise at a young age.
Goal Setting: in martial arts training for children, there are tournaments and competitions that give kids something to strive towards which requires setting goals and achieving them to move forward.
Respect: in the day and age we live in, many children find it nearly impossible to show respect to figures of authority. Martial arts can teach your child to respect their instructors in a healthy environment as they learn a new skill.
Teamwork: at some point in our lives, we all have to work meaningfully with someone else. Learning how to manage working in a team at a young age can set a child up for an easier life. It can teach them how to speak to new people, react appropriately when things don’t go their way, and find resolution.
Introducing your children to a structured program with goals and rewards at a young age can forever change the way that they face the world. For more information on our children’s martial arts classes, contact us, and we will help you find the perfect program for you and your children.


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