Class Description

Class Description

Our classes are great for both adults and kids. Many people have experienced different benefits, including self control, discipline, focus, confidence, fitness, academic improvement, techniques and self confidence. Read below to learn more about each of our classes.
Adults & Teens Karate Beginners

Get fit and enjoy training while pushing yourself towards a healthier life. Karate has a focus and complexity to its discipline very rare to find. You can experience all the benefits of a personal trainer and small group fitness class while exploring how far you can go. Whether you are a fitness fanatic or a novice at physical activity you will be challenged at your personal level.

Karate originated in Japan and our style, Kyokushin, is a high profile, extremely well respected form of martial art practiced by millions of people through out the world of all nationalities. Learn from our impressive stable of very experienced instructors headed by Sensei Daniel Trifu one of the world leaders in this discipline.


You will be assessed then taken through basics and fitness drills in an exciting new way to train your body, mind and spirit. This class is aimed at the beginner and as such will have all techniques explained in detail and at a more easily digestible pace.


If you are experienced in Kyokushin and have achieved a minimum of yellow belt you are invited to come along and train in these more advanced classes, allowing you to unlock the secrets of more advanced basics and kata.


Combining all belt levels, aiming to give a cross functional class giving the student fitness, basics and kata required for grading under Kyokushin syllabus.

Why would a teenager like our classes? Click Here to Learn More

Brazilian Jiu Jitzu (BJJ)

Adding to our already impressive curriculum we now offer BJJ classes. Have you ever wondered what happens to you if the fight ends up on the ground? Brazilian Jiu-Jitzu is the most effective martial art if you find yourself in a situation where you have to defend yourself against a grappler.

BJJ originates, as the name implies, from the Brazilian form of grappling and is an absolute necessity for self-defence and offers easy techniques that enable you to get out of any situation.

Bring a friend intro class

A great opportunity for students to introduce a friend or family member to the amazing world of Trifu Dojo. All your questions will be answered and we will provide information and tasters of our programs. In this session you get to try one or more of our programs with a friend. You choose.

No obligation to join.

Fight Fit & Drills

This class is taken exclusively by Sensei Daniel Trifu.  This is your opportunity to be trained under one of the most experienced Kyokushin Fighters in the world. Learn his secrets and exactly what it takes to be a top fighter or just improve your fight game. Being fight fit is one of the best ways to improve your fitness and cardiovascular stamina.


Learn kickboxing skills in a dojo environment. A safe & fun class with caring and disciplined instructors.

Kids Karate 1

Does your child dream of being the next Karate Kid?

Trifu Dojo Karate offers something unique. It encompasses aspects of life that would never get addressed in a routine sport. Sport is an absolute necessity in a child’s life but what if you could get more out of a sport than just incredible fitness. What about reaching optimum fitness goals, a new level of focus and self-awareness, a tangible goal based incentive to keep training a heightened sense of community. In brief: increase fitness, flexibility, strength, balance, stillness, self-control, confidence, co-ordination, posture, concentration and true spirit.

In a world filled with mind numbing video games where the child is fed instant images and no longer needs to have a visual memory, Karate brings back the basics of having to complete varying levels of complicated movements in succession to unlock the visual memory, creating a picture in their minds required for academic excellence necessary for maths and basic reading skills 

Suitable for both genders and ages 6 – 12 years. Some of these classes may be more suitable for a specific age group, so enquire for additional information.

More Details in Why Karate for Kids?

Kids Karate 2

This is for our Karate kids that are becoming more advanced and need a higher level of technical pressure. Covers all aspects of Kyokushin karate.

Suitable for ages 8 -12 years.

Kids Karate

This is a more open and general class and is an opportunity for your child to train with their peers regardless or of level of expertise.

Kids Squad Training

Selection only. Please refer to Sensei Daniel for more info.

Mini Ninjas

An introduction for tiny tots into the wonderful world of exercise, class participation and understanding how to follow instructions, all wrapped up cleverly in an exciting, fun and exhilarating class. Helping reach milestones early and activating the right and left hemispheres of the brain through thoughtfully designed activities for littlies aged 1½ -2½yrs with Mum or Dad there beside them to help with the transition.


The most stimulating class for the under school aged child.

The pre-school years and very early school years are the most formative years in a child’s life. The little ones are finding socialization skills, how to learn to bring their focus back to the job at hand, to be part of a community and their role in it, for example, showing respect gains respect, to create patterns in their little bodies and minds that will be the pathways to follow for the rest of their lives.

This class does it all…

  • Controls over activity
  • Fitness
  • Taking instruction
  • Fast tracking milestones by aiding co-ordination
  • Controls & teaches how to stop rough play
  • Teaching sharing and dealing with other children “sharing the limelight”
  • Constructing identity and understanding autonomy whilst participating actively in a group
  • Building self confidence, self control and self awareness
  • Building confidence in group situations
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Mixed Martial Arts is continuing to gain momentum and we are pleased to announce we have added MMA to our curriculum.

MMA is a combination of stand up fighting, (Kyokushin, boxing and kickboxing) throwing techniques (Judo and Aikido), and fighting on the ground (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu plus striking techniques while on the ground).

Come and try some clever manoeuvres and fighting techniques being shared in a friendly atmosphere.

MA Circuit

Fitness and circuit class aimed at anyone with a desire to increase fitness and stamina in a group class yet with personalised focus from an instructor to give you that personal training feel. Suiting anyone from the first time beginner right through to the experienced martial artist.

Open Mat

A chance for enrolled students to use our space for self-training. Check with Sensei.

Parents & Kids

One of our most successful class types yet. Mum, Dad, Brother and Sister or any combination thereof can train and have a fun in this fitness based fun class. All levels of fitness are catered to, whether you are an athlete or haven’t uttered the word fitness in years you are considered under the guidance of our experienced instructors.

We combine a family atmosphere in a non-threatening environment so you and your family can get the most out of Trifu Dojos’ Parents and kids class.

Don’t sit on the sideline any longer we will show you how a family that trains together stays together.

Members get personalized assistance to help with their own goals.

Private Tuition

Every student is different and learns at their own pace, however if you want to gain the edge or improve your Fitness? Kata? Basics? Fighting skills? Strength? Defense? You name it. Everyone can benefit from a little personalized one-on-one training. Ask about our Private Tuition. It is beneficial for all students regardless of level or expertise.

Available for all ages and belt levels.

Sparring Class

This class is available to those students serious about learning full contact fighting. Taken by Sensei Daniel in a challenging and exciting class to learn the dynamic teaching techniques he has gained through years of international experience and being trained by Shihan Tokujun Ishi a direct student of Sosai Mas Oyama the founder of Kyokushin Karate.

This insight is very rare and is hard to find in a teacher that can pass down the necessary expertise required to prepare you for as far as you can make it in full contact competitions. Many of our students have competed in World Cups and World Tournaments and some have even placed in Kyokushin’s most prestigious World Tournaments. All levels are welcome. You will spar according to ability. Your safety is our priority.

Special Events

Watch on our events calendar for information on this time slot.

Women’s & Girl’s Self Defence

The world is changing and we all should have some level of knowledge of how to feel safe for our families and ourselves. Being aware of techniques and courses of action that can be used in a dangerous situation makes us more confidant and at ease in our day to day lives. These classes are, unfortunately, a necessary tool for us all.

Suitable for young or not so young, frail or strong in an unthreatening class taken by experienced martial artists.

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