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June Newsletter

Junior Nationals (QLD): Hannah (3rd), Anastasia (3rd), Ariana (1st), Zahra (2nd), Maxime (1st)

GRADING on the week commencing the 17th of June. CHILDREN GRADING ONLY. Your children are invited to grade and be tested for their next belt and get one step closer to Black Belt.

The forms must be completed otherwise your child will not be allowed to grade. The link to the forms can be found to the right – select the appropriate form for your child’s grading. If your child passes, their belt with be presented the following week.

Good Luck to all!

If you have any inquiries about your child grading call Lynne at 0418452262

The forms to grade can be found on the Trifu Dojo website – linked below

Trifu Dojo Tournament Success!!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in our Tournament. It was the largest that we’ve ever hosted – so nice to see our community come together.

It’s lovely to see the camaraderie of our students when placed in a competitive environment, true Trifu Dojo spirit. We will be having another tournament later on in the year so keep an eye out for that!!

Sparring Groups

We are going to increase the focus on sparring and sparring drills – please let us know if your child is interested in taking this more seriously. We have recently taken some students up to Cannonvale, Queensland for the Junior Nationals securing 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the girls division and 1st place in the boys! We’re so proud of our team – their hard work has paid off.

We’ve got some international tournaments on the horizon and are on the lookout for a team to take us to victory. Competing overseas is often a once in a lifetime opportunity that is available to any student that can prove their dedication and skill.

Holiday Camp (8th, 9th, 10th July)

The form can be found on Trifu Dojo Website or linked here: https://trifudojo.com.au/holiday-camp-form/

Guest students from China will be participating – this provides your child with a brilliant opportunity to learn culture alongside martial arts.

National Kyokushin Championships

18th August
Menai Sports Centre

YOU have the chance to be the NEXT AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION!
If you are not ready to fight, you can do the sumo, sword fighting or kata.


Forms will be coming shortly – if you have any inquiries email info@trifudojo.com.au

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