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Karate Sydney

Practice Your Karate in Sydney from Bondi and the Eastern Suburbs to Paddington, and Roseville

People choose to practice Karate for many compelling reasons. Some of them are naturally drawn to high activity exercise, while others are more interested in learning an ancient art form. Whether you’re interested in adrenaline or discipline though, Karate is sure to be a rewarding and challenging experience. Providing opportunities to engage both the mind and the body, this popular martial art is practiced worldwide by beginners and experienced athletes alike. Karate is even set to become an Olympic sport in the 2020 Olympics, which means there’s never been a better time to start learning.

If you are interested in taking a class please call 0410 799 816 or email info@trifudojo.com.au to find a location that suits you.

If you want to learn Karate in Sydney, you’ll want to find a dojo in which you feel comfortable training. The atmosphere you place yourself in when learning any complex task or art form has an incredible impact on your ability to develop talent, and since Karate is both things, your environment will be doubly important. In the right setting, you may find yourself breaking through personal barriers you didn’t even know you had and becoming a stronger person than you previously thought possible. You’ll also want to make sure that such a place is convenient and easy to access so that you can keep up the motivation to train regularly.

  • Trifu Dojo Martial Arts provides a solution for anyone looking for karate lessons in Bondi, the Eastern Suburbs, Paddington or Roseville.
  • For over 12 years, we’ve provided martial arts lessons of many kinds to Sydney residents for all ages and skill levels.
  • Our flexibility and focus on community make us an excellent place to develop your focus and ability, whether you’ve come to train on your own or with your entire family! Our experienced instructors and convenient locations make it easy to commence your training.

Karate Training in Eastern Suburbs, Paddington, Roseville and Bondi for Your Schedule

When it’s hard to attend a class, it becomes hard to keep training—which is why Trifu Dojo Martial Arts makes our classes as accessible as we possibly can. We accomplish this by offering 84 classes per week at ten different locations throughout the Sydney area. With options like those, you’ll always be able to find a class you can attend, whether you’re trying to learn karate in Paddington, Roseville, Bondi or the Eastern Suburbs!

Instructors Who Can Help You Improve

Our founder, Sensei Daniel Trifu, believes that focus, determination and hard work always pay off in the end. That’s why he and the rest of our instructors pay close attention to each dedicated student. When you come to train at Trifu Dojo Martial Arts, you’ll receive personalised attention and feedback related to your individual goals and challenges. If you want to learn karate in Roseville, Bondi, Paddington, Eastern Suburbs or at any of our other Sydney locations, call Trifu Dojo Martial Arts today. We’ll be happy to provide you with karate training that you’ll be able to focus on one hundred percent.

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