Kids Karate and Taekwondo Classes Eastern Suburbs

Confidence. Respect. Independence. Strength. These are core values of the martial arts. Whether you are looking for kids karate classes in the Eastern suburbs or just a way to stay fit, Trifu Dojo has the best range of classes for you and your family. With ten locations throughout Sydney, we have the flexibility to offer many different class times. You’re sure to find one that fits your individual needs. From toddlers through older adults, our classes accommodate everyone. Our daytime classes are perfect for young children and adults who want a pre-work class. After-school lessons are ideal for children and run through evening hours. Daytime workers benefit from the many choices of evening courses, and weekend classes are available to all. Types of classes range from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu to self-defence and MMA (mixed martial arts). We have something for everyone, in a fun, energetic environment.

Taekwondo Classes Eastern Suburbs

When considering Taekwondo classes in the Eastern suburbs, it’s important to look at not just the schedule, but the dojo’s instructors and philosophies. At Trifu Dojo, we have been helping people of all ages achieve their personal fitness and self-defence goals for over 12 years. Our philosophy is one that we uphold in all our classes, across all our instructors. Focus and attitude are important aspects of martial arts and are integrated into everything we teach. Sensei Daniel Trifu learned from the best – Shihan Tokujun Ishi, the star pupil of the man who founded Kyokushin Karate – and Sensei Trifu has brought the heritage and integrity of those teachings to Trifu Dojo.

Family-Focused Environment

“Dojo” means “the place of the way,” or the “place of training.” But we are not just a place of training. We are a community environment that values families, and the family connection. At our dojo, we use fun, engaging classes to help reinforce the values that parents want to see in their children: focus, respect, fortitude, and self-confidence. All this is possible in a sport which is based on individual achievement in a group setting. Each child advances at their own pace, with assistance from their instructors and the support of a group that is on the same path. Life can be difficult for kids, and they learn through our programs that perseverance can help them overcome the challenges and obstacles they face in other areas of life. We also teach passive anti-bullying techniques that give each child the quiet confidence to be themselves and know that they can handle any situation. Teens can also benefit from martial arts training, as it contributes to fitness, better body image, general health, and a more positive attitude in the world. They also love the “cool” factor of knowing a respected martial art.

If you are looking for kids’ taekwondo classes in the Eastern Suburbs or other martial arts training, stop in to see us or call us on 0410 799 816. We offer a 2-week trial for free, and a free uniform when you sign up for classes.