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Ninja Belt Grading Form

Trifu Dojo students are invited to grade and be tested for their next belt and get one step closer to their Black Belt. Karate is a goal based art and this is generally the icing on the cake for all your child’s hard training. For more information or to check if you are not sure if your child should grade contact Lynne 0418452262 or In order to grade your child must be conscientious with his/her effort and uphold Trifu Dojo/ Martial arts values and the six home rules listed below.

  • All belt exams take place in the child’s normal class, please choose the appropriate day, time & Dojo below.
  • The fee of $55.00 covers the grading (no additional fee for certificate and belt).
  • If the student passes results and belts will be awarded in the same class as they graded

6 Home Rules for Children

  1. I will always greet my parents politely with, “Hi Mum, Hi Dad!” When I enter my home and say “goodbye” when i leave.
  2. I will always be respectful to my parents, teachers, and elders.
  3. I will be kind and respectful to my brothers and sisters. And make a promise to not use any martial art moves on my family members or others
  4. I will keep my household neat and tidy and help my family however I can.
  5. Understands personal hygiene – hair, body and teeth.
  6. I will remember the “Recipe for straight A’s and B’s daily” including doing my homework, reviewing work I have done that day and, and taking an interest in what I learn at school.

Download Ninja Belt Grading Form Here

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