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Online Martial Arts Classes

Learn martial arts at the safety and comfort of your own home

Interested in learning Martial Arts for physical or mental training but don’t have the luxury of time and availability to attend classes? We have made it easier and more accessible for you with our Online Martial Arts Classes!

Learn Martial Arts at the comfort of your home! Join other students in learning the fundamentals and discipline of different martial arts forms… virtually.


What is an Online Martial Arts Class?

Attending physically classes isn’t always an option for everyone, especially during these times. Online Martial Arts Classes are very much like the regular classes, providing training on the fundamentals and discipline of the different forms of Martial Arts but in a much more accessible format.

You can do it without having to leave the safety of your homes. With just a reliable home internet and computer, you can now attend our classes indoors.

Whether it is for yourself or your child, Trifu Dojo has an online course for you.


How Does it Work?

  1. Sign up to our online classes using the form on this page
  2. Once you are signed up, you will be given a customised Zoom Link accessible only to you.
  3. Choose the classes and schedules that interest you
  4. You simply log in at the day and time specified on the Timetable
  5. Learn Martial Arts and have fun with other students!


What Are The Benefits of Online Classes


  • For Adults
    – You can continue to exercise even while staying at home
    – Gives you another way to be social during this “social distancing” period
    – Keep your body active
    – Increase mental and physical well-being
  • For Children
    – Socialise with other kids while staying at home
    – Burn all that energy without having to go outdoor
    – Keeps the kids occupied and active
    – Enhance their focus and discipline in this internet era


Class Description


The most stimulating class for the under school-aged child.
The pre-school years and very early school years are the most formative years in a child’s life. The little ones are finding socialization skills, how to learn to bring their focus back to the job at hand, to be part of a community and their role in it, for example, showing respect gains respect, to create patterns in their little bodies and minds that will be the pathways to follow for the rest of their lives.

This class does it all…

  • Controls overactivity
  • Fitness
  • Taking instruction
  • Fast-tracking milestones by aiding co-ordination
  • Controls & teaches how to stop rough play
  • Teaching sharing and dealing with other children “sharing the limelight”
  • Constructing identity and understanding autonomy whilst participating actively in a group
  • Building self-confidence, self-control and self-awareness
  • Building confidence in group situations
Kids Karate

Does your child dream of being the next Karate Kid?

Trifu Dojo Karate offers something unique. It encompasses aspects of life that would never get addressed in a routine sport. Sport is an absolute necessity in a child’s life but what if you could get more out of a sport than just incredible fitness. What about reaching optimum fitness goals, a new level of focus and self-awareness, a tangible goal-based incentive to keep training a heightened sense of community. In brief: increase fitness, flexibility, strength, balance, stillness, self-control, confidence, coordination, posture, concentration and true spirit.

In a world filled with mind-numbing video games where the child is fed instant images and no longer needs to have a visual memory, Karate brings back the basics of having to complete varying levels of complicated movements in succession to unlock the visual memory, creating a picture in their minds required for academic excellence necessary for maths and basic reading skills
Suitable for both genders and ages 6 – 12 years. Some of these classes may be more suitable for a specific age group, so enquire for additional information.

Advanced Kids Karate

This is for our Karate kids that are becoming more advanced and need a higher level of technical pressure. Covers all aspects of Kyokushin karate.

Suitable for ages 8 -12 years.

Adults & Teens Fitness

Get fit and enjoy training while pushing yourself towards a healthier life. Karate has a focus and complexity to its discipline very rare to find. You can experience all the benefits of a personal trainer and small group fitness class while exploring how far you can go. Whether you are a fitness fanatic or a novice at the physical activity you will be challenged at your personal level.

Karate originated in Japan and our style, Kyokushin, is a high profile, extremely well-respected form of martial art practiced by millions of people throughout the world of all nationalities. Learn from our impressive stable of very experienced instructors headed by Sensei Daniel Trifu one of the world leaders in this discipline.

You will be assessed then taken through basics and fitness drills in an exciting new way to train your body, mind and spirit. This class is aimed at the beginner and as such will have all techniques explained in detail and at a more easily digestible pace.

Adults & Teens Fitness: Intermediate

If you are experienced in Kyokushin and have achieved a minimum of yellow belt you are invited to come along and train in these more advanced classes, allowing you to unlock the secrets of more advanced basics and kata.


Note: If these timetable doesn’t work you can request a time and we will try and create a group to suit or you can create a group of your friends.


Ask about

  • Private Lessons Online
  • Special seminars including weapons, self defence, Kata (forms) …. And much much more
  • “Virtual “ school holiday program
  • Guest exercise consulting


What Do I Need:

  • Stable internet connection
  • Computer, tablet or smart phone (ideally with a camera)
  • A comfortable area at home to exercise
  • Zoom App (we will send you the customised link)



You can attend as many classes as you want for only $55 per fortnight per student


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