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“Our sons Shay and Kian have been attending Karate lessons for almost 3 years. They are both enjoying it immensely and we have noticed a marked difference. They have much more energy, focus and determination in everything they do-including their schoolwork. We feel that Karate has helped them to channel their energy as well as gain confidence in themselves and their abilities. They are always willing to have a go and we are very proud of their achievements. Daniel and Lynne are a fantastic team and have a genuine desire to teach children and adults alike, Karate for the right reasons- discipline, focus, improved confidence and self-esteem as well as self-defense.

Keep up the great work,”

Jayna & Naz Hirani

“I cannot recommend Karate at Trifu Dojo highly enough for any young children. My son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder when he was 4. This meant that anything to do with coordination and concentration were a massive challenge. However under the wonderful, focused and compassionate care of Lynne and Daniel at Trifu Dojo my son has flourished. He has gone from being the one who didn’t listen, the one who cried when he didn’t win (which was lots) to a little boy who tries his hardest at every lesson and can’t wait to get there because he genuinely feels fantastic. His self-esteem has flourished and his co-ordination has dramatically improved. Not to mention his patience and his grasp of the concept of respect both towards yourself and to others. I cannot thank Lynne and Daniel enough for everything they have done for our beautiful boy. I also have a two year old who is just busting to start as well. As soon as he is old enough he will be starting as well. As a family we love it! “
Rebecca Fox

“My daughter Sasha has had the pleasure of being involved with Daniel and Lynne for the last year and a half. Sasha was 3 when she joined and kept asking to do karate after seeing the movie Karate Kid. She has become very committed to her karate since starting even though she is only 4 and a half, each week looking forward to her training sessions. Thanks to Daniel and Lynne, she has showed great interest in learning techniques and especially took a liking to her two special teachers.

I loved today’s class when she ran up to Lynne and gave her hug

Sasha loves it when we watch her and is always proud when she remembers the stances. She has really gained a confidence within Herself and as a parent I can see what a huge impact this had on her. She has been taught self defense, respect, discipline, courage and above all to never give up.”

Tamara King

“When we enrolled our identical twin sons, aged just 4, in “Little Dragons” at Trifu Dojo, we were hoping for some information which would help us decide whether to put them in the same or in separate classes when they started Kindy the next year. We got that information but also so much more! When they first started they were typically fidgety and impulsive little boys who just wanted to run and kick and play. Now, with Sensei’s carefully thought out rewards and awards, they get the positive reinforcement for focus and discipline that they were finding hard to achieve at preschool.

The positives from karate include fitness, co-ordination, respect, self-control and a sense of achievement. The look when one of my boys won “Student of the Week” was priceless. The other one is taking his tournament trophy to school this week to discuss the importance of “giving it a try”. Their class teachers are aware they have karate training and have mentioned to me how appropriate they feel this activity is for our bouncy and energetic little guys.”

Jane Needham

“As parents of a hearing impaired child, we knew early on that our son would need a sport where he could have direct visual and physical contact with his instructor – he needed to see the eyes and mouth of his instructor to lip read, and to physically see and be shown what was required of him at all times. Sports where a considerable amount of coaching is done from the sidelines were just not an option because he simply could not hear.

We were also keen to improve his gross motor skills – his hearing impairment means his balance was out of kilter – and we wanted him to start as early as possible in a team or group activity that not only provided a physical outlet for a normally active 2½ year old, but something that also helped him deal with the frustration he experienced as a result of his communication issues, and introduce him to situations where he would have to find a way around the difficulties he experienced. It was important to us that he get a head start on whatever challenges may come his way in life.

We were hopeful that through whichever activity we chose, that it would support the development of his self-confidence and self-esteem so that he would be able to handle himself in the playground once he started school, should his impairment become apparent to others and give them cause for bullying. We also wanted to know that he would be able to pursue these challenges in safe, supportive, and happy environment.

After searching unsuccessfully for a physical group activity that started its classes at the tricky post-toddler / pre-preschooler age, we were thrilled when we finally found Trifu Dojo.

The ongoing support and encouragement from Daniel and Lynne and the team of instructors has been great. As parents themselves, they have a great understanding of what makes the kids tick, how to keep them motivated and engaged, and they genuinely care about the progress of children, inside the Dojo and out. Their firm but fair, playful and encouraging style always wins the kids over. Sometimes you can walk in to the Dojo and you could hear a pin drop because the kids are either mesmerized or deep in concentration. Other times you’re shielding your ears from the volume of over-excited chattering kids, or crying with laughter at their antics. No class is ever the same, and for an activity usually associated with one-on-one combat, there is surprising little in the children’s classes.

A real draw card for us was the class-time flexibility which meant that it was not necessary to sign-up to attend the same classes each week – just whichever worked for us – as was the fact that Karate isn’t seasonal – classes run close to 50 weeks a year and all through school holidays – so the continuity has been a big bonus because you can see the skills develop much quicker than with other activities where seasonal down-time often translates to a loss of skills learned previously.

Five surgeries later and nearly three years on since joining the Dojo as a ‘Little Dragon’, there is no doubting the benefits our son has gained from his involvement in the Dojo are beyond what we’d hoped for.

Since starting school this year, we realize what an amazing preparation for school being part of the Dojo has been – not just because of the physical outcomes of karate, but the little things too – from having the patience to sit quietly and take direction from an instructor, to working as part of a bigger team, that have really proven their value this year. He also has the levels of self-confidence and self-esteem we’d hoped for, coupled with the confidence to try new things without fear of failure.

As an only child, we think he has well-developed social skills, no doubt encouraged by his experiences in the Dojo because the classes are of mixed ages and ability levels, which engender an amazing camaraderie amongst the children, irrespective of age. Regular in-class challenges and merit badge awards for academic performance and class participation provide continuing encouragement and incentive to do better, and twice-yearly tournaments allow him to embrace competition, and if he works hard, experience the joy of winning.

He has also learned how to handle defeat good-naturedly – in a playful and supportive atmosphere, where the children clearly delight in their achievements and those of each other, and comfort each other in their losses. Twice yearly grading’s where new belts are awarded give him something to strive for, and the way that the Dojo links behavior at home and performance at school creates a continuum of benefits all around.

He has made friends outside his usual circle and feels a special part of a team, and even though he’s not actually very good at karate, he keeps on trying because that’s the environment that’s cultivated at the Dojo. He feels empowered because karate has given him a social outlet where everyone is accepted no matter what their abilities, along with the gains of physical strength, stamina and agility. What he learns at home and at school, the Dojo reinforces in self-respect, self-discipline and respect for others. The physical, social and emotional benefits are immeasurable.

The icing on the cake is that while he’s learning important life skills and getting some fantastic physical training, he just thinks he goes there to for fun and games!”

Catriona Watt

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