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Episode 2
Episode 2 includes two exercises for explosive power, one is for the legs and the other for the upper body. We also have exercises to improve the strength of the low abdominal area and important is the understanding of the benefits of having a strong abdominal area in general. The kicks we will be working on this week are side kicks, hook kicks and backspinning kicks and the similarities between two of the kicks. The self-defense of the week is the wrist grab, a must know for everyone in particular women and children.

How to have a safe guard and the understanding of overcommitting with the blocks. A very simple but comprehensive drill to help students understand how to guard their head. How to execute gedan barai, a very common technique in the Kyokushin syllabus. Why are we training kata? The mystery of Kata training for advanced students. The kata of choice this week is Gekisai Dai. For beginners this week we are working on step 6 to 10 of the first kata Taikyoku Sono Ichi. This week we are learning basic angle steps, it’s simplicity lies in only one leg required to move. For the fighters this week we are working on how to defend against the front punch attack to the body (jab). Have fun and work hard.

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