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Trifu Dojo Tutorials

Episode 3
In this episode, we have:

  1. Three exercises: push-ups with an explosive speed element, jumping squats from fighting stance for powerful legs and mountain climbs for increasing your cardio.
  2. Self-Defence against neck grab or dogi (karate uniform). You might need it one day but we do hope that you are never tested by this scenario in real life… Good to know, right?
  3. Two useful bag combinations for the combat enthusiasts.
  4. Tutorials on straight, hooks and uppercut punches for head and body attacks.
  5. Three kicks we are working on this week: high front kick to the front of the face, inside kick and outside kick and it’s deviations including axe kicks and heal front kicks.
  6. Tutorials on shuto techniques or as they are known karate chop techniques and their self defence applications.
  7. Kata tutorial continuation Taikyoku Sono Ichi.

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