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Episode 4

What is included in Episode 4?

Shihan Daniel Trifu and Sensei Lynne O’Brien produced episode number 4 for 2020 so far with valuable martial arts lessons for Trifu Dojo students and friends. Enjoy!

What to look for in this week’s lesson? 

  • How to tie your belt in three easy steps. An essential skill in martial arts. Grow up and be independent. You no longer need your mother, father, grandfather, Instructor etc. It is time!!!
  • Stretching tutorial : Three must know stretches plus the three splits.
  • One drill on Self defence against a weapon with Sensei Lynne O’Brien.
  • Fight combination including punches, round house kicks and hook kick to the tight
  • Kicking tutorial on how to execute a roundhouse kick, a back kick and heal to the thigh kick.
  • Three ways to practice the back kick.
  • Uraken (Back Fist) Tutorial for grading in Kyokushin karate system.
  • Kata tutorial Kyokushin  Taikyoku Sono ichi , step 1-16 and particular attention to step 11-16.
  • Back kick for fighters with our Instructor Michael. Great instructional on the many uses of back kick.
  • Front kick defense fusion ideas from tournament full- contact fighting to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to Self defence situations. Great transition on a kyokushin fighters ability to adapt from strict tournament rules to self defence situations.
  • Important defensive footwork that will also position you for fast counter attacks.
  • Two very common moving basics in Zenkutsu Dachi and one in Kiba Dachi for the Kyokushin Karate enthusiasts and especially for the ones grading this Month.
  • Three exercises
    • Exercise 1 – Caterpillar Partner Push up, great fun and requires more coordination and more core stability than standard push ups.
    • Exercise 2 – How to correctly and safely execute a Burpee.
    • Exercise 3 – Leg workout to prepare your legs for moving in awesome karate stances and especially improving your  Kiba Dachi (Horse Stance) movement.


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