Women’s Self Defense Class Sydney

Excellent Women’s Self Defense Class in Sydney

The world can be a dangerous place, which is why everyone can benefit from learning how to defend themselves. Trifu Dojo Martial Arts teaches a women’s self defense class in Sydney for women of all sizes, shapes, skill levels, and ages. You do not have to be fit to take advantage of our teaching, nor do you need to have any prior experience.

When you attend our women’s self defense class in Sydney, you will learn a variety of techniques to help you protect yourself. We focus on spatial and environment awareness. Knowing where to look for danger, and the avenues open for you to escape threats is essential to staying safe. Why stand and fight when you can avoid confrontation altogether? Unfortunately, there are times that physical confrontation is unavoidable, and we can teach you how to approach those situations as well.

Our instructors know that when the adrenaline starts to flow it is not always easy to keep your wits about you, which is why we emphasise mental focus before we start teaching about physical defense. Maintaining calm in any dangerous situation is essential to resolving it. We can teach you techniques that will keep you from panicking if you are attacked. Keeping your cool greatly reduces your chances of getting hurt.

When you have perfected the mental aspect of the course, we then teach you strikes, throws, and other defensive techniques. We can instruct you on how to use your opponent’s body weight against them, and draw your attention to vulnerable points on the human body. We do not advocate violence, but we want to ensure you know how to defend yourself if necessary.

If you are a woman who wants to learn more about protecting yourself, enrol in a women’s self defense class in Sydney from Trifu Dojo Martial Arts. We can help you feel safer.

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