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Martial arts have always been exciting, but few forms have received more attention in recent years than MMA. Mixed Martial Arts is best understood as a cocktail of different martial arts disciplines, each of them adding a vital and unpredictable twist to the finished mix. The discipline has become a phenomenon around the world in recent years, with athletes from practically every different country embracing the practice. If you’re looking for a way to put your body in peak condition, you’ll find that MMA offers unparalleled engagement and rewards devoted trainees with many benefits. If you are interested in taking a class please call 0410 799 816 or email to find a location that suits you.

  • Those of you looking for a way to practice MMA in Sydney should try to find a gym near you that offers comprehensive training.
  • Due to the mixture of different styles involved in MMA, finding a qualified trainer can be challenging—but when you click with the right instructor, you’ll learn a great deal.
  • Getting your body into fighting shape doesn’t have to be unpleasant, either.
  • In fact, you’ll find that it’s entirely possible to find friendly and welcoming MMA classes in Bondi, Eastern Suburbs, Roseville and many other parts of Sydney.

Trifu Dojo Martial Arts is pleased to announce that we’ve recently added MMA to our curriculum, which means that learning this exciting new martial art in the Sydney area is now easier than ever. With locations offering MMA in Eastern Suburbs, Roseville and Bondi, we welcome new students and experienced MMA fighters alike who want a convenient place to practice and an enjoyable place to improve. When you come to Trifu Dojo Martial Arts, you’ll even have the opportunity to try our classes free for up to two weeks! We make it easy to practice with us so that anyone hoping to get involved in MMA has an easy way to do so.

Learn MMA in Roseville, Bondi and Eastern Suburbs with Experienced Instructors

Trifu Dojo Martial Arts has been around for over 12 years, which means that our instructors have had plenty of time to learn the finer points of every martial art we practice. This makes us particularly useful resources for MMA fighters, since MMA involves a blend of kickboxing, Judo, Aikido, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and several other forms. No matter which of our Sydney facilities you’re visiting, you’ll be able to look forward to detailed knowledge and in-depth feedback from any instructor you talk to.

Push Yourself to Incredible New Heights

A lot of people think they know what their bodies are capable of, but many have never truly tested their limits before. When you study MMA at Trifu Dojo Martial Arts, you may quickly find out that your body is a much more powerful machine than you previously gave it credit for. Contact us today to ask about our classes, memberships, or to find a location in your area. Getting into the best shape of your life can be an invigorating and eye-opening experience when you train with us.

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